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Lyrics: Maja Francis – Come Companion

Maja Francis


[Verse 1]
We break into your car
You cry at every turn
I say you gotta have faith
You’ve gotta let it burn
You wanna know how everyone seems to cope
And oh while the heart aches, how do they make it stop?
You only see the rain, I see rainbows

Come, companion
Come and rest your head again
Someday we’ll be dead and gone
Go, go, go ahead
We don’t have to feel so bad
We’re not meant to be alone

[Verse 2]
You’re stuck in your apartment
Hiding behind the shades
You’re dwelling on your problems
I watch you waste away
Planets are aligned and you’ll find
It’s in your favor
Stars will fall and then you will rise
You will get braver
When the sun explodes in our sky
Nothing can save us
Nothing can save us


Do you know I know you can’t see other things?
Other things, other things than this
Do you know I know you just want out of it
Out of it, out of it, so



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